Enercon Introduces New Flame Treater Providing Uniform, Long-Lasting Treatment Levels with Advanced Control for Integration

Flame Series Pro

Enercon’s New Flame Series Pro is ideal for operations who want powerful & reliable flame treatment with higher levels of system control and integration. The Pro Series offers a closed-loop combustion control system that automatically regulates variables to ensure consistent and reliable flame treatment. Its integration-ready network communication capabilities enable remote control, operation and data monitoring. It’s…

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New Blown-arc and Blown-ion Plasma Treating Technology Unveiled

blown ion and blown arc discharge

Enercon has released its new series of industrial blown-arc and blown-ion plasma treaters. These new systems provide users with simplified integration and operation, maximum uptime and powerful treatment to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces to promote the adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives. Enercon’s new Pro Series offers an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables more…

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Continuous Inkjet Printing for Industrial Manufacturing Applications

As a non-contact printing process, inkjet offers manufacturers tremendous production advantages including variable data, fast changeover and reliability at top line speeds. Applications abound for plastics and rubber in the wire & cable, packaging, coding & industrial manufacturing industries. However material properties, surface contamination, ink/material compatibility and durability requirements create challenges. Keys for successful ink…

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What Plasma Actually Does to a Surface to Improve Adhesion

Air plasma surface treating is an emerging green technology for leading manufacturers tasked with assembling and decorating plastics, composites, glass and metals. It is a powerful, yet relatively inexpensive technology that is used by both Fortune 100 companies and small operations to improve bond strength, product quality and throughput. You can see the effects of…

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Plasma & Flame Automation Integration Simplified

Experts from INPRO Technologies & Enercon share best practices for integrating plasma & flame surface treating systems into assembly & decorating operations. Get insights on simplifying integration & reducing cost while optimizing efficiencies. In this webinar, we review automation techniques including robotics, cobots, indexing systems & conveyors. You will learn: Whether you’re an integrator, OEM or end…

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Which Surface Treating Technology is Best for My Application: Corona, Plasma or Flame?

Blown-ion™ Technology

Plasma and flame surface treaters can achieve the desired improvement in surface energy. What drives the technology decision is your application details, work environment, integration plans and budget. In this new webinar, surface treating expert, Wilson Lee, covers the basics of plasma and compares each technology with other surface preparation methods. Topics include: As the…

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Integrator’s Guide to Implementing Plasma & Flame Treating

Be your customer’s hero. Learn how to keep their costs down & your profits up with smart integration-ready systems from Enercon. We eliminate pain points for integrators by offering streamlined implementation & simplified operation for you and your customer. This presentation provides insights on these technologies and how collaboration between Enercon and integrators create productive…

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Machine Builder’s & Integrator’s Guide to Understanding Plasma & Flame Treating

The need for integration of plasma and flame surface treating technologies for assembly and decorating applications is on the rise. Enercon and our customers are looking for machine builders and integrators that have expertise in material handling and automation projects. Plasma and flame are used to increase surface energy to promote bonding with adhesives, inks,…

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How New Plasma Treating Technology is Advancing Adhesion Dependent Manufacturing Processes

Blown-ion™ 500

The new Blown-ion™ Plasma Treater offers manufacturers powerful and uniform surface treatment for improving adhesion at high processing rates. This plasma treater utilizes a wide MultiPort™ head design that bombards surfaces with an intense, high-speed discharge of ions to clean, etch & functionalize surfaces. Treatment removes contaminants, increases bonding sites, & improves the wettability of…

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How Enercon Plasma Treater Customers Improve Inkjet Printing Results

Challenged by inconsistent inkjet adhesion? Discover how two of Enercon’s customers overcame printing inconsistencies by utilizing plasma surface treatment. Industry veterans Jerry Jordan (WAGO) and Dwayne Chrest (Best Formulations) will share their insights on: Get access to the presentation and video with just a few keystrokes on the form to the right. Innovative People Ensuring…

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