Enercon Releases 2nd Generation of the Blown-ion™ 500 Plasma Surface Treater with an Expanded Operating Window

Enercon’s original Blown-ion™ 500 plasma treater broke new barriers with its ability to provide wide, high and uniform treatment levels at process speeds never before possible with in-line plasma technology. The innovation continues as Enercon releases its second generation of this remarkable technology.

“Maintaining a consistent plasma simultaneously over six separate plasma discharge ports requires precision control with the ability to accommodate for variations in customer supplied input power, compressed air, and operating environments, all of which can all place stress on system components. Through a rigorous development process, we’ve identified new materials for system components which have proven to be more resilient in accommodating a wider variety of operating conditions,” says Enercon Business Development Director Wilson Lee.

The Blown-ion™ 500 uses a MultiPort™ plasma head design which produces an intense blown ion plasma discharge up to 2” wide. The plasma cleans, etches and functionalizes surfaces to improve adhesion of adhesives, inks, paints and coatings. Applications for the treatment of plastics, metals and glass can be found in a wide variety of industries (automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, medical, window/door) that require improved adhesion for assembly, printing & decorating applications.

Enercon’s Blown-ion™ Plasma technology is often used to replace expensive and hazardous primers as well as inefficient mechanical and manual surface preparation techniques.

The 2nd generation system is immediately available for lab testing, consignments and for sale. For more information, please contact us.

Release Date: 7/8/2024

Enercon 2nd Generation Blown-ion 500 Plasma Treater