Blown-ion™ Series Plasma Treater

Clean, etch & functionalize surfaces with Blown-ion™ plasma treatment to increase surface energy for improved wettability & adhesion.

Enercon’s Blown-ion Plasma Technology delivers highly effective treatment for both conductive and non-conductive surfaces to improve surface adhesion properties prior to bonding with inks, coatings, & adhesives.

Enercon plasma treaters bombard surfaces with a high speed discharge of ions to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces. Its focused treatment works well with on flat surfaces and difficult to reach recesses. Models are available with either one or two treatment heads in both standard and Pro Series configurations.

Powerful Treatment

Easy Integration

Improve Adhesion

Pro Series

  • Intuitive touch screen control guides operators
  • Fully Independent head control & monitoring
  • Remote control & monitoring
Blown-ion™ & Blown-arc™ Touchscreen

Plasma Integrity Monitoring

  • Monitors & records key system data points to ensure repeatable operation
  • Advanced diagnostics & Fault Log
Blown-ion™ & Blown-arc™ Touchscreen

Standard Series

  • HMI Membrane with push button control and LED Indicators
  • Selectable Independent Head Control
Blown-ion™ & Blown-arc™ Standard Interface
Blown-ion™ Specifications
Single Head Cabinet20"13"18.5"60 lbs.120V, 7 Amps 208V, 5 Amps 240V, 3.5 Amps
Dual Head Cabinet20"13"18.5"70 lbs.120V, 7 Amps 208V, 5 Amps 240V, 3.5 Amps

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Blown-ion™ Series Pro

KEY FEATURES For Successful Surface Treatment

  • Compact Footprint

    • Fully enclosed stainless steel body construction for industrial environments.
  • Easy Set-Up

    • Intelligent Universal voltage 120v/208-240v
    • Standard compressed air
    • Custom engineered shielded cable for maximum flexibility & durability
    • Enercon Blown Ion Head with Custom Cable
    • Easily mounted in any configuration
    • Quick start set up guide
  • Reliable Industrial Design

    • Internally mounted, oil free, air cooled transformer
    • Rated for 24/7 Industrial use
    • Self protective circuitry
    • Virtually no maintenance, no moving parts
    • IP 52 enclosure
  • Custom Heads

    • Unique head designs available for robotics, indexing systems and conveyor systems
    • Reach under, around, and into recessed surface areas
  • USB Data Drive

    • Download system data
    • Upload software updates

TREATER OPTIONS Plasma Treating Production

Mounting Collar

Non-conductive collar to ease your mounting process.

Mounting Stand

Mounting Stand with Bracket and Collar; Height Adjustable.

Universal Mounting Bracket

Offers flexibility for mounting treatment head precisely where you need it.

Robotic Swivel Mount

Includes non-conductive mounting collar.

Mobile Cart

Movable mounting stand with Bracket and Collar.

Flexible options for your operation:

Remote Transformer

A Remote Transformer Box is required for head assemblies exceeding 18 ft from the power supply.

Blown-ion™ & Blown-arc™ Remote Transformer
Blown-ion™ Mobile Cart

Custom Plasma Treating Nozzles for Difficult to Reach Surfaces

Enercon’s Blown-ion™ plasma discharge heads are well known for improving surface adhesion with inks, adhesives, and coatings. They can be integrated with robotics, indexing systems, and conveyor systems to provide precise treatment that cleans, etches, and functionalizes surfaces. And, they are very effective at reaching crevices and small areas.



Flashing Light Indicator

Easily alerts operators of operating status from a distance.

Spare Parts Kits

Be sure your system always has backup parts. Special discounts when purchased with system.