Achieve a Perfect Seal with Enercon's Industry Leading Induction Cap Sealers

We help packagers prevent leaks, preserve freshness & provide tamper evidence.

Our Super Seal™ induction cap sealers have hermetically sealed billions & billions, & billions of containers around the world. Our cap sealing experts will guide you on the best cap sealer for your application & the best practices to ensure your induction sealing success.

SEE THE DIFFERENCE Why Packagers Choose Enercon Cap Sealers

  • Reliable power supply performance & energy efficient induction sealing heads

  • Advanced sealer intelligence with touchscreen control

  • Induction sealing solutions for retail & e-commerce packaging

  • Largest support team in the industry

  • Food, Beverage, Pharma, Nutraceutical, Chemical, & Health Care Packaging Expertise

  • Achieve a Perfect Seal Guarantee

CAP SEALING Applications

Preserves freshness, prevents leaks, and deters tampering for products

Ensure consumer confidence & preserve product integrity.

Provide tamper evidence and meet FDA compliance.

Block oxygen and moisture from contaminating products.

Gain insights between sealing dry and liquid products.

Protect product freshness and integrity, provide tamper evident packaging.

Cap style is an important consideration when sealing your products.


Your Success is Guaranteed

Everyone wants to make the smart choice when it comes to investing in packaging equipment. Enercon makes your choice an easy one.

Start with leading technology. Enercon's line of Super Seal cap sealers leads the industry in performance. Reliable power supplies are expertly matched with the optimal sealing head design for your application. In fact Enercon's sealing head design expertise has allowed packagers to seal packages that were once thought unsealable. This includes our recent breakthrough in the ability to induction seal containers without a cap.

Did you know that Enercon is so confident in its equipment that we offer the industry a unique performance guarantee?. This guarantee provides you with piece of mind and ensures you'll be making a no-risk investment.

Of course there will be times when you might have a question or need some advice when it comes to induction sealing. That's why Enercon provides you with free access to the industry's leading experts in the induction sealing field.

In most cases our experts can troubleshoot any equipment or application issue over the phone. And when a visit to your facility is required our engineering service technicians are available.

In addition to our own employees, Enercon also relies on our extensive sales representative network. These highly-trained professionals are ready to assist you locally every step of the way. And with our strategically located part depots around the world emergency part availability is always close by.

Leading technology, guaranteed performance and the industry's best support make Enercon the smart choice for induction sealing equipment.

Try an Enercon. It's Guaranteed!
How can Enercon make such a guarantee? Essentially it comes down to application expertise. We've developed and customized more cap sealing solutions than anyone in the industry.

And we back our solutions with a guarantee of success. We size and configure our cap sealers to meet your specific requirements.

If our cap sealer does not successfully seal your product at the speeds required we'll replace your cap sealer with a more powerful model. (Because of our depth of application expertise this is an extremely rare event.)