Plasma Series Accessories

Enercon offers a multitude of performance enhancing accessories which can be purchased along with your plasma treater or retrofitted at a later date.

Mounting Collar

Mounting Collar

Non-conductive collar to ease your mounting process.

Universal Mounting Bracket

Universal Mounting Bracket

Universal Mounting Bracket(s) & Collar(s) for Blown-arc™ and Blown-ion™ treater head(s). Offers flexibility for mounting treatment head precisely where you need it.

Robotic Swivel Mount

Robotic Swivel Mount

Includes non-conductive mounting collar.

Spare Electrodes

Spare Electrodes (Blown-ion™)

Electrodes are a natural wear item of Blown-ion™ plasma treaters. Life expectancy is approximately 750 hours. Available in 6 packs, these electrodes are easy to remove and replace with a threaded assembly.

*Replace all electrodes at the same time. 

Discharge Nozzle Assembly

Discharge Nozzle Assembly (Blown-arc™)

Spare assembly for easy replacement of electrodes or nozzle in the field. Assembly includes two stainless steel electrodes and a ceramic nozzle.

Mobile Stand

Mobile Cart

Movable mounting stand with Bracket and Collar.

Stack Light Assembly

Flashing Light Indicator

Alerts your operators to changes in operating status. Green when sealing head is energized, flashing red when sealing power is interrupted.

Blown-ion™ & Blown-arc™ Remote Transformer

Remote Transformer (Blown-arc™ & Blown-ion™ 125)

A Remote Transformer Box is required for head assemblies exceeding 18 ft from the power supply.

Blown-ion™ Series with Multiport™ Modular Package

Modular Package (Blown-ion™ 500)