Plasma and Flame Industrial Surface Treating Applications

SOLUTIONS Who uses plasma and flame treaters?

These technologies can be found in just about every industrial setting imaginable including: Automotive, Packaging, Window & Door, Medical, Wire & Cable, Assembly, Printing, Decorating, Folding carton and more.

The industrial applications spotlighted this page involve the spot treatment of dimensional objects and sheets prior to printing, painting, decorating, coating, coding, labeling, joining, assembling and bonding of surfaces.


Get insights on plasma and flame for improving adhesive bonding.

See how automotive manufacturers use plasma & flame treatment.

Learn how plasma promotes bonding in battery manufacturing.

Learn how increasing surface energy promotes the adhesion of inks. 

Find out how pretreatment improves adhesion for electrical potting.

Learn how surface treating is an integral part of the manufacturing of medical devices.

Discover better ink adhesion with plasma & flame treaters.

Get insights Plasma & flame for assembly, painting & decorating.

Learn how plasma is enabling ink jet printing on wires, cables & pipes.

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