Plasma3™ VCP Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma3™ VCP uses variable chemistry to plasma treat surfaces that would otherwise be unresponsive to air plasma surface treatment.

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Plasma3™ VCP

CLEAN, ETCH, & FUNCTIONALIZE Why choose Enercon atmospheric plasma systems?

  • Application Expertise

    • Thousands of surface treating trials on hundreds of unique materials
  • Field Proven

    • More than 100 atmospheric plasma systems in operation around the world
  • Patented Technology

    • Unique multi-patent earning design
  • Extensive Lab Capabilities

    • Unbiased comparison of treatment technologies
  • Manufacturing Experience

    • Benefit from over 30 years design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Impeccable Reputation for Quality

    • Reliable production grade equipment you can count on
  • Global Perspective & Local Support

    • Direct personnel and major operating centers throughout the world (Brazil, Korea, India, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States) are staffed with knowledgeable application engineers and critical replacement parts