Powerful Flame Treatment with Advanced Control

The Enercon Flame Series Pro is ideal for operations who want higher levels of system control and integration.

The Pro series offers a closed loop combustion control system that automatically regulates variables to ensure consistent and reliable flame treatment.

Its integration-ready network communication capabilities enable remote control, operation and data monitoring. An ideal solution for simplified integration into work cells and with advanced operating control systems.

System Features

  • Intuitive Touch Screen Display guides users through operation, monitoring, fault logs & more
  • Advanced Troubleshooting, Software Updates & Data Access through USB port
  • Eliminates manual adjustments and calibration
  • Multiple language support
  • Operates on natural gas or propane




PowerFlame™ High Velocity Burner

Combustion Control & Safety

  • Air/gas ratio control provides a consistent flame over the entire power adjustment range
  • Closed loop System
  • Fail Safe Design
    • Flame safety relay & detection electrode
    • Redundant solenoid valves
    • Air & gas pressure switches
    • Check valve to prevent back flow
Flame Series - Burner Mounting Options

PowerFlame™ High Velocity Burner Technology

  • High-velocity ports for powerful treatment
  • Multiple burner designs for optimal dwell time
  • Uniform treatment across entire width of burner
  • Eliminates laning or striations
  • Brass inserts are easily removed for cleaning
  • Variable treat widths including burner deckling

Integration capabilities

  • Saves time & money with built-in integration feature set
  • Network connection via Modbus TCP or customer interface cable (supplied with system)
    • Remote start/stop
    • Flame ON & fault signals
    • Power adjustments
    • Real-time monitoring of operation

Enercon systems are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.


KEY FEATURES For Successful Flame Surface Treatment

  • Improves Adhesion of Inks, Coatings & Adhesives

  • Long Lasting, Uniform, High Treatment Levels

  • Advanced Control for Remote Integration & Monitoring

  • Efficient Surface Decontamination & Polishing

Flame Plasma Safety

  • Fail Safe Design

    • Stops gas flow if any critical device in the cabinet fails
  • Safety Solenoid Valves

    • Redundant valves in the gas train immediately prevent gas flow if any of the monitored variables are not satisfied.
  • Pressure Switches

    • Mounted to air and gas lines to detect adequate pressure
  • Reverse Flow Valve

    • Prevents backflow into the gas line
  • Flame Detection Electrode

    • Works in conjunction with the flame safety relay to monitor the presence of the flame at the burner.
  • Flame Safety Relay

    • Monitors flame & controls the redundant safety solenoid gas line valves

TREATER OPTIONS Flame Treating Production

Filter Regulator

Filter Regulator Assembly w/ Lock-Out with Additional Desiccant Dryer Option

Mobile Stand

Mobile Stand with Premounted Power Supply.

Remote Ignition Transformer Box

When burner assembly will be more than 15’ from the power supply a Remote Ignition Transformer Box will be required.

Deluxe Mobile Stand

Mobile Stand with Easy Install Package featuring premounted Power Supply, Burner, and Stainless Steel Exhaust and guarding.

Flexible options for your operation:


Custom conveyor package with stainless steel flat wire mesh belt. Conveyor drive, Dyne-A-Flame control panel, and adjustable height treater head assembly mounted to the conveyor frame

Flame Series on Conveyor
Flame Series - Deluxe Mobile Cart


Flashing Light Indicator

Easily alerts operators of operating status from a distance.

Spare Parts Kits

Be sure your system always has backup parts. Special discounts when purchased with system.