The Best Surface Treating Technology for Your Application

Plasma and flame surface treaters clean, etch and functionalize surfaces to improve adhesion. Each of the technologies have unique capabilities; but, how do you decide which technology is best for you?

Watch this new webinar to find out. Surface treating expert, Wilson Lee, covers the basics of plasma and compares each technology with other surface preparation methods.

Topics include:

  • Blown arc, blown ion and flame plasmas
  • Adhesives and printing application examples
  • Benefits of lab & field trials
  • How material, process & integration variables impact technology selection


  • Get free access to Enercon’s Plasma & Flame Comparison Chart.

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.

Enercon Industries offers the industry’s widest range of in-line surface treating technologies including plasma, corona and flame.

Blown-ion™ Technology

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