Medical Device Engineer’s Guide for Improving Adhesion with Atmospheric Plasma

As joining of medical plastics is becoming more complex and sophisticated in performance specifications and structural complexity, surface treatment is an integral part of medical assembly processes.

This 30-minute webinar, Enercon and BTG Labs provide insights into the capabilities of atmospheric plasma treatment systems and how medical device engineers can use these technologies and surface analyzers to add value to their products by improving surface adhesion.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Surface sensitive inspections: what techniques quantify surfaces in general?
  • Variables in surface preparations: what parameters determine success or failure?
  • What process control steps increase process reliability and remove cost?
  • The ability of plasma systems to clean, etch & functionalize surfaces
  • How plasma treaters replace existing surface preparation techniques
  • Specific examples and data for common plastic, thermoplastic, composite and metal treatment applications


  • BTG Labs’ How to Streamline Process Design to Production for Medical Devices
  • Enercon’s Plasma and Flame Surface Treatment for Medical Applications

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.

About the Presenters:
BTG Labs is a materials science based company that delivers effective adhesion quality control for manufacturers who are concerned with adhesive bonding, painting, coating, printing, and cleaning. Enercon Industries offers the industry’s widest range of in-line surface treating technologies including plasma, corona and flame.


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