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Learn how plasma & flame improve adhesion.

Improve Adhesion of Materials used in Batteries & Electric Vehicles

Innovative manufacturers are racing to optimize electric vehicle performance with a primary focus on power, energy storage, and charging capability.

Enercon is deeply involved in developing surface treating solutions from proof of concept to implementation on the assembly and factory floor.

Our new Blown-ion™ plasma, Blown-arc™ plasma and flame plasma technologies are used to clean, etch and functionalize plastics, metals, and composites.

We offer free laboratory & in field trials to help you determine if surface treating will work for you. For more information see the articles below or contact us today.

Popular Battery Manufacturing & Assembly Options

  • Bonding battery cells to each other and housings
  • Sealing battery housings & other water proof compartments
  • Flame treatment processing of Lead Acid batteries
  • Bonding battery & door covers
  • Removing contaminants from Al battery housing
  • Bonding of battery cells bundled with PSA
  • Bonding of Nickel plated steel components

Insights on using Plasma & Flame in battery assembly projects.