How Plasma and Flame Surface Treating Improve Adhesive Bonding

It’s well-known that surface preparation can improve and enable adhesive success. Abrasion, chemical, degreasing and physical surface preparation methods are often used to support better bonding.

In-line plasma and flame surface treating are gaining in popularity for their ability to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces. Their capacity to provide consistent and repeatable performance as part of an automated process make the technologies ideal for high speed and mission-critical applications.

This webinar provides insights from Ellsworth Adhesives’ Senior Chemist Greg Canard and Enercon Industries Corporation’s Surface Treating Application Expert Wilson Lee. Ellsworth Adhesives is a marketplace leader in the global supply of specialty chemicals and adhesives, while Enercon is a global leader in corona, plasma and flame surface treating technology. This expert tandem shares examples of how manufacturers are using plasma and flame surface treating to improve adhesive bonding.

Topics include:

  • Adhesive Basics
    • Types of adhesives
    • Principles of successful bonding
    • Why adhesive bonds fail
  • Surface Treating Basics
    • Types of surface treaters
    • How surface treaters prepare surfaces for bonding
    • How to evaluate the effectiveness of surface treating
  • Industrial examples of surface treating

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.

Adhesives & Bonding

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