Plasma Treating Webinars

Enercon is pleased to share our technical expertise with you through on-line Webinars. You’ll find the content of these webinars to be highly informative and focused on leading technology that reduce manufacturing costs, promote uptime and improve productivity. If you have a follow-up question regarding an Enercon Webinar, or if you have an idea for a surface treating webinar topic, our application experts would love to hear from you.


On-Demand Webinars

Metallized Film Adhesion Webinar

Metallized film presents adhesion challenges to both film suppliers and converters. Today, new developments in surface treatment are creating competitive advantages by extending surface energy stability on metallized film.

Converting Specialty Films Surface Treatment Options for Specialty Films

Find out what treatment levels can be achieved by corona, plasma & flame and how to position your operation for the increasing challenges of producing and converting specialty films.

More Surface Treating Webinars
Corona Treating & Plasma Treating for Objects