Which Surface Treatment Technology is Best for Your Application?

Corona? Plasma? Flame?

Which one is truly the best technology? Well, that depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Each of these technologies offers unique benefits, as well as practical limitations. And, they can all help you improve adhesion, but your application objectives, budget, and operating parameters will help determine which technology is best for your business.

This webinar reviews corona, plasma and flame technologies along with equipment design differences within each category that can make or break the success of an application.

Key Topics Include:

  • How corona, plasma & flame are similar & different
  • Variations of each technology
  • Key application variables
  • Insights for making the right technology choice

Innovative People Ensuring Your Treating Success.

Enercon is a global leader in surface treatment technology. Our innovative team of application experts developed this presentation to help you understand the best practices for corona treating for printing labels and packaging. With over 40 years of industrial equipment manufacturing expertise Enercon is an avid presenter at industry conferences, associations and events including the following:


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