Reduce Downtime with Enercon’s New Removable Electrode Cartridge Assembly Featuring Quick Disconnect Electrodes

In this new webinar, Enercon’s Mike McConnell shares insights on Enercon’s latest corona treater innovation.

The New Removable Electrode Cartridge Assembly helps converters reduce downtime with a design that provides operators with new options for performing maintenance and replacing electrodes.

Learn how the new design:

  • Enables clean-in-place & benchtop maintenance options
  • Eliminates HV wiring when replacing electrodes
  • See a video demonstration of this new technology

Enercon engineers have retained all the features of the previous design, including pneumatic position control and protecting electrodes with its ability to pivot away from unexpected splices.

The innovative design is available with new corona treaters and as a field upgrade for existing treaters and can help improve your operation’s productivity.


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