Solventless Laminating Best Practices

Printers and converters who integrate solventless laminating enjoy a competitive advantage by offering their customers a single source for flexible packaging. Thanks to recent advancements in laminating process technology, adhesive chemistry and equipment design, implementing a solventless laminating operation has never been easier. However, it’s important that operators understand the basic principles and variables of the process to maximize production and reduce waste.

Application experts from Nordmeccanica Group, COIM Group, and Enercon Industries come together for an educational webinar on the best practices for successful solventless laminating along with application insights on films, adhesives, equipment, and processes to ensure your operation’s success.

Topics include:

  • Latest developments in equipment, processes and materials
  • How machine design influences solventless lamination
  • How to simplify a lamination process that shows little or no adhesion at green
  • Implementing a laminating conversion protocol to improve quality
  • Best Practices for adhesive mixing, coating weight control, & application
  • When to use a corona treater to improve adhesion
Nordmeccanica Solventless Laminator with Enercon Corona Treater

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