New Essential Series™ Corona Treaters for Blown Film Applications

Enercon is pleased to introduce our New Essential™ Corona Treating Series for everyday blown film surface treating applications. This new configuration offers film extrusion lines Enercon quality, reliability & support with only the essential corona treater features needed for traditional blown film applications.

  • Durable Stainless Steel Electrode Segments Treat Full Width, Adjustable Width or Selectable Lanes
  • Splice Protection & Fast Thread-Up: Pneumatically Actuated Assembly
  • Reliable Enercon Power Supplies with high turndown ratio
  • Optional Patent Pending Quick Sleeve Tool for rapidly replacing Silicone Sleeves

Key features:
Enercon engineers developed the Essential Series™ to align perfectly with the requirements of blown film lines that do not require the full feature set of Enercon’s Performance Series™. Customers specifying an Enercon’s Essential Series™ Corona treater will find it a tremendous value for the investment.


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