The Ten Commandments of Corona Treating Success

In a single webinar, get 40 years of corona treating application & equipment experience from Enercon’s Tom Gilbertson as he shares his 10 commandments for corona treater success.

This webinar succinctly covers the key topics that separate companies who enjoy ongoing corona treater success and those that struggle.

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Topics include:

  1. Take safety seriously.
  2. Define your applications.
  3. Know how the treater works.
  4. Understand that not all corona treaters are created equal.
  5. Be consistent with surface energy testing
  6. Document your results.
  7. Recognize that all films don’t treat the same.
  8. When troubleshooting ask, “What’s changed?”.
  9. Make time to maintain your system.
  10. Take responsibility of your operations.

Plus, get two bonus commandments when working with OEMS.


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