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Activate Surfaces with Plasma & Flame Treatment Technologies

Enercon offers a wide array of plasma and flame treating technologies for activating surfaces for improved adhesion. Treatment is needed because surfaces often exhibit low surface energy and impediments that prevent successful bonding.

Plasma and flame surface treatment clean surfaces by removing organic and inorganic surface contaminants, micro etch surfaces to create additional surface bonding sites, and activate surfaces to create stronger bonds.

Plasma treaters are divided into three categories. Blown-ion plasma is treats conductive and non-conductive surfaces. Blown-arc plasmas are effective on nonconductive surfaces. Variable chemistry plasmas use additional gases to achieve the desired results.

Flame is effective at treating conductive and nonconductive surfaces and may be designed to accommodate various widths.

For more information on these technologies and how Enercon can help you determine which technology is best for your application please contact us.


  • Blown Ion Plasma Blown-Ion Plasma

    Blown-ion plasma discharge treats both conductive & non-conductive surfaces. It cleans, etches & functionalizes with precise treatment patterns.

  • Blown Arc Plasma Blown-Arc Plasma

    Blown-arc plasma discharge treater increases surface energy of plastics. Use to improve adhesion prior to printing, painting, decorating and bonding.

  • Variable Chemistry Plasma Variable Chemistry Plasma

    Variable chemistry plasma for spot treating a wide variety of plastic & nonconductive surfaces prior to coating, marking, printing and bonding.

  • >Flame Plasma Flame Plasma

    Flame Plasma Treaters offer safe and reliable surface treatment for any flat or dimensional surface.


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  • Windows & Doors Windows & Doors

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