Plasma3™ Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treating

Today's competitive marketplace challenges you to find ways to improve your processes and products. Enercon's Plasma3™ is one way you can add value to your film, packaging and nonwovens to recapture market share and compete worldwide.

Plasma3™ is a revolutionary surface treatment technology. This breakthrough system successfully treats a wide range of substrates and is the world's first Atmospheric Plasma Treatment system for the optimal treatment and functionalizing of web surfaces. Systems can be customized to fit most production lines.

The ability to produce long lasting treatment results on materials that would be otherwise unresponsive is one of the major advantages of Plasma3™. However the ability to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces has made Plasma3™ a breakthrough solution for many industry leading firms. Learn how Plasma3™ is the choice for Flexible packaging, RFID Tags, Textile functionalization, Foams, Printed Circuit Boards, or Metal Cleaning. Become one of the leading companies in your industry by leveraging this new technology into your product development plans. To get you started we offer convenient Plasma3™ trials in our surface treatment laboratory. Your global competitors capitalize on new technologies to improve profits and build market share. Make the move to a set-up a trial to evaluate Enercon’s Plasma3™ technology. 

Why choose Enercon atmospheric plasma systems?

  • Application expertise: thousands of surface treating trials on hundreds of unique materials
  • Field proven design: more than 100 atmospheric plasma systems in operation around the world
  • Extensive lab capabilities: trial your application up to 1.5 meters on our lab line
  • Manufacturing experience: benefit from over 30 years design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Impeccable reputation for quality: reliable production grade equipment you can count on
  • Global perspective & local support: direct personnel and major operating centers throughout the world (Brazil, Korea, India, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States) are staffed with knowledgeable application engineers and critical replacement parts

Plasma3™ System Features

  • Applications: Films, Papers, Foams, Nonwovens, Wovens, Fibers, Metals & Powders.
  • Operational Speeds: Varies by substrate
  • Construction: To most extrusion, lamination or production line width.

Plasma3™ System Benefits

  • Effective: Long-lasting treatment levels.
  • Economical: Low operational costs.
  • Convenient: Operates at atmospheric pressure without vacuum chambers.
  • Efficient: Significantly less voltage required.
  • Versatile: Ideal for difficult to treat materials.

The Plasma3™ system is the state-of-the-art solution for treating films, papers, foams, nonwovens, wovens, fibers, metals, and powders . It can be manufactured for all web widths and can be trusted for the quality, durability and reliable performance you have come to expect from Enercon Industries. Add in complete installation assistance , technical training and dependable service support , and the Plasma3™ system brings you the optimum balance in surface treating performance.