Enercon Introduces New Flame Treater Providing Uniform, Long-Lasting Treatment Levels with Advanced Control for Integration

Enercon’s New Flame Series Pro is ideal for operations who want powerful & reliable flame treatment with higher levels of system control and integration. The Pro Series offers a closed-loop combustion control system that automatically regulates variables to ensure consistent and reliable flame treatment.

Its integration-ready network communication capabilities enable remote control, operation and data monitoring. It’s also an ideal solution to simplify integration into work cells and for operations with advanced remote control systems.

Enercon flame treaters feature a high velocity power burner that discharges consistent and repeatable treatment to improve adhesion of adhesives, inks, paints and coatings. They are effective at high speeds and on both flat and dimensional surfaces.

Encased in a compact wall mount cabinet, the Flame Series Pro touchscreen guides users through a series of operations. Its fail-safe design will stop gas flow if any critical device in the cabinet fails.

“Enercon understands the challenges of integrating surface treating solutions into new work cells and existing lines. The Flame Series Pro saves time and reduces integration costs while providing our customers with optimal performance and control,” says VP Sales Ryan Schuelke.

Enercon’s flame plasma technology is often used to replace expensive and hazardous primers as well as inefficient mechanical and manual surface preparation techniques.

Release date: 1/20/2020

Flame Series Pro