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Watch the video above to learn more about inline plasma systems.

Plasma treating enables ink jet printing on Wire & Cable

Atmospheric plasma treaters are enabling manufactures to switch to ink jet printing from traditional marking methods such as hot stamping and print wheels. Economical ink jet printing is a non-contact printing process which supports high line speeds & fast changeovers. Changes to wire marking content are handled electronically and can be database driven.

Materials with low surface energy, including PE, PVC, PP, PTFE, XLPE, ETFE, FEP, EPDM, Silicone and more have difficulty bonding with inks. Plasma treatment activates these surfaces to improve wettability and bonding properties. This process creates indelible printing providing excellent abrasion and smudge resistance.

Enercon’s Blown Ion Plasma Treater was recently recognized as one of Wire & Cable Technology International Magazine’s Product of the Year.

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Insights on Plasma & Flame Treating for Printing Applications