Optimizing Inkjet Printing Adhesion for Wire & Cable Marking

Digital inkjet printing wire & cable provides manufacturers with productivity advantages including variable data, fast changeover & indelible printing at top line speeds.

However, material properties, contamination, ink/material compatibility & durability requirements create challenges. Fortunately, a trilogy of suppliers have worked together to develop repeatable solutions for printing on a variety of substrates.

In this webinar, Gem Gravure, Excelitas and Enercon cover:

  • Benefits of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printing Technology
  • Keys to substrate & ink interfacial adhesion
  • Why ink formulation matters
  • How plasma & flame treatment enable adhesion
  • Benefits of UV LED Ink Curing Technology

BONUS: Get free access to the tech paper: Optimize Inkjet Printing Adhesion for Wire & Cable Marking.

About the Presenters:

Omnicure is Part of the Lighting Division of Excelitas Technologies and is known for its innovative, simple-to-use and reliable UV curing technology in adhesives, coatings and inks. GEM Gravure studies all characteristics of ink from drop formation and flight behaviors to product adhesion. They test the effects of temperature, product surface condition and ink longevity to ensure that the inks remain stable and endure the test of time. Enercon Industries offers the industry’s widest range of in-line surface treating technologies including plasma, corona and flame.


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