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Watch the video above to learn how protect electronics with plasma.

Improve Adhesion for Electrical Potting

To protect electronics from shock, vibration, and environmental elements, including liquids and caustic substances, manufacturers will often use a potting compound in an electrical housing. Solid or gelatinous compounds such as thermosetting plastics or silicone rubber gels encapsulates the electronics for added protection.

In many cases the housings are made from a nonporous low surface energy plastic such as ABS, Polyamide, or other thermoset plastics. Plasma and flame surface treaters pretreat the interior of the housings to remove surface contaminants, micro etch the surface and increase surface energy to enable adhesion of the potting compound to the enclosure.

Ask Enercon’s surface treating pros if plasma or flame treatment will work for your application or read on to learn more about this unique application.

Insights on Plasma & Flame Treating for Electrical Potting Applications