Maximize control and flexibility with new power supply designs

At CMM Enercon will exhibit the latest innovations in corona power generators. New Compak™ 2000 power supplies will feature advanced graphic display interfaces.

These new control schemes simplify installation and operation by integrating many functions such as Watt Density Control and Station Diagnostics with standard operations into a single operator interface.

New interface options also include data logs, remote communications for integrated line control and support for multiple languages.

The newest Compak™ 2000 interface features PLC control and allows customization of user defined features such as single signal system start-up. The system also supports ethernet as well as other network protocols.

The expandability and flexibility of this new interface provides Enercon customers with immediate benefits and the ability to economically integrate future options. See these new systems at CMM booth 1445 or please contact us for more information.

New interface designs provide operators and command central with fingertip control