Improve Print Quality & Productivity by Controlling Substrate Surface Energy

Poor ink adhesion affects print quality, creates downtime, and leads to lost customers. In many cases, the cause is rooted in complications from the substrate surface. The good news is that surface variables can be eliminated with the proper use of a corona treater.

A common misunderstanding is that pretreated films eliminate the need for additional in-line treatment. This technical paper examines the factors that accelerate dyne decay and provides a solution to overcome them.

Industry veterans share their insight on best practices to ensure consistent printing performance:

“Customers understand that having corona treatment in-line allows them successful print and adhesion on a greater range of materials. Corona treatment also helps ensure consistent performance of a job across multiple shipments of material.”

Brian Bishop, Gallus Group

“During our sales process, we utilize a series of prints on the same material with different levels of corona applied. Customers quickly understand the importance of incorporating a corona unit in-line.”

Kelly DiMarco, EFI Jetrion

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