Best Practices & Developments in Solventless Laminating


Printers and converters who integrate solventless laminating enjoy a competitive advantage by offering their customers a single source for flexible packaging. Thanks to recent advancements in laminating process technology, adhesive chemistry and equipment design, implementing a solventless laminating operation has never been easier.

This paper details the importance of operators understanding the principles and variables of the process to maximize production and reduce waste, including:

  • Choosing the right adhesive
  • Proper Mixing
  • Coating Weight
  • Cure
  • Surface Treatment Insights

Authored by industry experts Giancarlo Caimmi, Nordmeccanica Group; Amira Marine, Dow Adhesives, and Tom Gilbertson & Mark Plantier of Enercon Industries. This article was originally published in Converting Quarterly Magazine.

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