Why All Films Do Not Treat the Same

The Signature Relationship Between Your Film and Corona Treaters


How well do you understand the relationship between your films and your corona treater? A treatment level of 2.0 watt density yields very different results on PET compared to Polypropylene. And, a nominal change in watt density can produce unexpected results. This paper looks at the relationship between various films and watt densities. Recognizing that each film has its own signature relationship with a corona treater will help converters control surface energy and improve adhesion.

What is your expectation when you turn on your corona treater? Do you expect to see the same results every time you run film through it? Are you aware of variables that can affect corona treatment results? What do you do when the results you get are different than the ones you expect?

This paper will examine the relationship between film and corona treaters. We’ll take a look at aspects of the process that you can control, how to properly set your expectations, and what to do when you get surprising results.

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