When performance matters, find out why more converters & extruders specify Enercon over any other brand.

When you purchase a new converting or extrusion line from an OEM, you have the opportunity to specify the brand of corona treater that you prefer. OEMS in our industry tell us when a brand is specified, it’s almost always Enercon…and with good reason.

Enercon was founded nearly 50 years ago on principles that remain the backbone of our commitment to our customers today:

  • Understand our customers’ applications
  • Design & build the best equipment possible
  • Employ quality control to ensure reliability
  • Support our customers long after the sale

This commitment ensures our customers’ uptime and provides them access to the following benefits:

Widest range of surface treating technologies:

  • Corona, Plasma, Flame & Ozone
  • High Definition™ Corona
  • Reliable & Intelligent Compak™ Pro Power Supplies

Unrivaled application expertise

  • Film Extrusion & Converting (Printing, Coating, & Laminating)
  • Web handling solutions
  • OEM & End User Configurations

Remarkable reliability & performance

  • Proven industrial grade designs for optimal reliability
  • Robust system architecture for long term performance
  • Patented & award-winning product innovation

Unmatched support offerings

  • Largest Support Team in the industry
  • Thousands of Parts in Stock Ready for Rapid Shipment
  • Dedicated Support Website & 24/7 technical support including start up assistance & training

Specify Enercon & Get Expert Consultation Before You Buy

Did you know that before you buy your new line from an OEM, you can consult with Enercon to ensure you’ll get the exact equipment configuration to best suit your application and operation?

In some cases, this may be relatively simple like matching the special guarding you have on other Enercon corona treaters- this may not be the standard offering from the OEM. (Learn More.)

Likewise, having our application experts review how you plan to use the new line might reveal a technical detail that Enercon can directly address upfront before it becomes a surprise when starting up your new line.

To get more information and insights, contact our experts today.