Dyne-A-Mite Treater

Release date: 8/1/2000

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI - Manufacturers of three-dimensional plastic and rubber products, such as bottles, pipes and other molded or extruded objects, can improve the adhesion of inks, coatings, labels and adhesives with the redesigned Dyne-A-Mite™ Surface Treater from Enercon Industries Corporation, available with one or two treating heads.

The redesigned Dyne-A-Mite™ plasma surface treaters now feature updated circuitry and cabinet design, including a membrane control and diagnostic panel for easy operation. The Dyne-A-Mite™ uses an air blown electrical arc to form a treatment plasma, high energy, ionized gas. When applied to two- and three-dimensional objects, increased surface tension results, improving wettability and adhesion properties.

Each treater head emits continuous plasma, resulting in high and uniform treatment levels, covering a two-inch surface area. Use of the two-head unit increases treatment area to a four-inch surface area.

The treating heads can be easily mounted on an existing process or conveying line, allowing the product to pass though the treating arc. The unit can run continuously, or be cycled, to meet production requirements.

The Dyne-A-Mite™ treater is high-temperature rated and offers easy operation, minimal maintenance and long-term reliability.

Enercon Industries Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a major manufacturer of equipment for the plastics and packaging industries. The company supplies induction cap sealing systems for food, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical packaging; custom built bare-roll, covered-roll and universal roll corona treating systems; and 3D plasma treaters for the plastics and rubber industries.