Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Elite

Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Elite capitalizes on the well proven design of the Dyne-A-Mite™ IT and adds additional functionality and control with a touch screen PLC interface.

Improve Adhesion

The Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Elite etches, cleans, activates, sterilizes and functionalizes a wide variety of difficult to treat conductive and non conductive material surfaces.

Treat a variety of surfaces

The system is highly effective at treating and cleaning all types of polymers, elastomers, glass and even conductive surfaces. It treats extruded, pultruded, molded and formed materials. Treatment is ideal for PE, PP, PET, nylon, vinyl, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PVC and all other types of thermoformed and thermoset plastics.

Typical Applications

Removes grease, oil, oxides or silicone; pre-treatment and preparation for bonding, soldering or gluing and pre-treatment for finishing metals. painting, bonding, casting, flocking, labeling, coating, marking, extruding and overmolding applications.

Plasma Integrity Monitor

Quality control is self regulated by a real time Plasma Integrity Monitoring system for all process variables. Signature Analysis feedback ensures consistent treatment. Complete diagnostic information and fault logs for each head are displayed.

Connect up to four treatment heads

The modular system is available with up to four surface treatment heads featuring quick connect/disconnect. A touch screen interface provides local control with optional connectivity for network control. The ability to treat flat surfaces as well as difficult to reach recesses makes it particularly versatile.

Technically Speaking

The air plasma treater bombards surfaces with a high-speed discharge of ions. Positive ion bombardment facilitates a micro-etching or scrubbing (ablation) effect which can remove organic and inorganic contaminants from the surface of an object.

Without changing the substrate morphology, the system successfully changes the mechanical and chemical properties of a surface. It cleans surfaces and initiates cross-linking effects. Blown-ion treatment allows for easier application and improved adhesion of coatings, adhesives, inks, labels and markings of all types. In-line treatment eliminates the need for costly chemical priming, etching and vacuum processes.

The IT Elite's modular system is available with up to four surface treatment heads.