Vintage Treaters

In their day these systems were the industry's best. However, Enercon's design engineers have developed technology which offers even greater treating capability, versatility and reliablity. For each of the "vintage" systems below, you will see the current system which has replaced it.


Ideal for basic applications the Dyne-A-Mite™ surface treater effectively promotes adhesion on a wide variety of shaped and flat materials. This economical entry level system features well-proven technology that reliably improves surface energy.

Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Elite

Features touch screen operator interface with plasma integrity monitoring and remote network connectivity. Available with up to four treatment heads.

Dyne-A-Mite™ VCP

Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite™ VCP is highly effective at treating and cleaning all types of polymers, elastomers and glass surfaces. It treats extruded, pultruded, molded and formed materials. Variable chemistry plasma treatment is essentially an etching and functionalizing process that provides different surface characteristics depending on the gas chemistry employed.

Dyne-A-Flame for Objects

Enercon's Dyne-A-Flame™ sets new standards for flame treatment technology. It’s remarkably easy to use and operate. The system offers a safe and reliable means of treatment for virtually any 3D surface, and is perfect for difficult adhesion problems. Its advanced combustion control system is expertly paired with PowerFlame™ burner technology for long lasting and uniform treatment.

Dyne-A-Mite™ IT

This simple to use and highly effective blown ion three dimensional surface treating system effectively treats both conductive and non-conductive surfaces. Dyne-A-Mite™ IT's ability to treat difficult to reach recesses makes this system a simple to use solution for a variety of applications.

Dyne-A-Mite™ HP

If you're looking for a powerful and economical way to improve surface adhesion look no further than Enercon's new Dyne-A-Mite™ HP. While it is easy to operate, the system effectively improves adhesion on all types of surfaces for printing, painting, coating, bonding and labeling applications.