Enercon's Dyne-A-Mite VCP offers mass flow control of variable chemistry plasma

The new Dyne-A-Mite VCP™ sets new standards in treatment flexibility, control and performance with mass flow control of its variable chemistry treatment.

This system is ideal for difficult to treat applications as it blends air (O2, N2) with other gases that deposit various chemical groups on surfaces to improve surface energy. Variable chemistry plasma treatment is essentially an etching and functionalizing process that provides different surface characteristics depending on the gas chemistry employed.

Variable chemistry plasma allows for easier application and improved adhesion of coatings, adhesives, inks, labels and markings of all types. In-line treatment eliminates the need for costly chemical priming, etching and vacuum processes.

Dyne-A-Mite VCP™ is highly effective at treating and cleaning all types of polymers, elastomers, and glass surfaces. It treats extruded, pultruded, molded and formed materials. Treatment is ideal for PE, PP, PET, nylon, vinyl, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PVC and all other types of injection molded, thermoformed and thermoset plastics.

Typical converting applications include pre-treatment of plastics for gluing, pre-treatment of plastics for finishing and pre-treatment before printing. It is also ideal for glass cleaning, cleaning/activation of lens surfaces prior to coatings, removal of any adsorbed surface monolayers of contaminants, sterilization of microbiological culture dishes, sport shoe components (EPDM, Neoprene), cell phone jackets (ABS/PC) and more.


The Dyne-A-Mite VCP™ prepares a cell phone casting prior to spray coating.