Plasma Treating Teflon® and other High Performance Wire & Cable Jacketing Materials for Ink Adhesion

High performance wire & cable jacketing materials often have low levels of polar functional groups on the surface making them inherently resistance to traditional marking and coding methods.

Many experiments have been conducted to investigate ways of improving adhesion to these types of materials. Environmental exposures introduce their own unique stresses which can push (or exceed) the limits of traditional bonding processes.

Defining these materials, their surface characteristics, and the surface treatment-based mechanisms necessary for them to physically and chemically adhere to ink and coating interfaces, is critical to understanding how to optimize surface adhesions to jacketing substrates.

This technical article will explore these challenges and the plasma technology recipes that are enabling ink adhesion.

Learn more about:

  • Surface Profiles of Challenging Substrates
  • In-Line Plasma Surface Modification Techniques
  • In-Line Plasma Treatment Recommendations by Jacketing Polymer Type