Atmospheric Plasma Spot Treatment Applications

Atmospheric plasma treaters are used to clean, micro etch and functionalize a variety of plastic, metal and glass surfaces. The industrial applications highlighted on this page involve the spot treatment of dimensional objects and sheets prior to printing, painting, decorating, coating, coding, labeling, joining, assembling and bonding of surfaces. In most cases it is ideal to plasma treat the object immediately prior to subsequent process which requires enhanced adhesion properties.

Improve Composite Bond Strength With Plasma Treatment

Atmospheric plasma treaters can significantly increase the interfacial adhesion characteristics of composite structures. The types of composite structures than can benefit from atmospheric plasma are emerging rapidly. Many new plastic nanocomposites have offered valuable properties, such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, structural/stress strength and weather resistance. As a low temperature solution, plasma treaters offer an economical and highly effective means to achieve improved bond strength of nanocomposites to each other and to virgin materials.