Unique and Custom Plasma Treating Designs for Difficult to Reach Surfaces

Enercon’s Blown-ion™ plasma discharge heads are well known for their ability to improve surface adhesion with inks, adhesives and coatings. They can be integrated in with robotics, indexing systems and conveyor systems to provide precise treatment that cleans, etches, and functionalizes surfaces. And, they are very effective at reaching crevices and small areas.

Until recently, this technology was limited for applications that had enough room for the treatment head and a straight direct path to the surface to be treated. Enercon has developed numerous new discharge head configurations that can enable plasma treatment for applications that were once not possible.

Enercon’s Business Development Director Wilson Lee says, “By modifying the components of the discharge head, we are now able to use Blown-ion™ plasma to treat surfaces at angles that could not have been previously reached because of challenging geometries of the part and space available for the application were prohibitive. By modifying the discharge head, we are able to provide efficient and consistent treatment to improve adhesion.”

The new discharge heads enable plasma to reach under, around, and into recessed surface areas. Common applications include window and door manufacturing, siding, channels, deeply recessed areas, automotive, and more.

Enercon maintains an inventory of these custom discharge heads for use in our surface treating laboratory. Free trials to determine the effectiveness of plasma can be scheduled by visiting the company’s surface treating laboratory web page. It should be noted that if Enercon does not have a discharge head that will work for your application, we may be able to custom engineer a design that will work.

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Custom plasma treating heads for hard-to-reach places.
Custom plasma treating heads for hard-to-reach places.