Solar Glass Plasma Cleaning Removes Organic Contamination

Solar glass plasma cleaning removes organic contamination

The pre-cleaning of PV glass is critical to solar module performance. The presence of minute traces of ionic particles on solar glass can compromise energy transference, directly affecting module efficiency. These ions may be deposited by previous module fabrication processes or transferred as a result of machine component corrosion, abrasive wet washing processes, ineffective drying or imprecise machine function.

The benefits associated with the use of atmospheric plasma cleaning as an alternative or adjunct process to wet cleaning protocols are many, including the removal of organic contaminations by chemical reaction and physical ablation, the elimination of the use of chemical solvents as well as the storage and disposal of solvent waste, a significant increase in surface wettability, and a subsequent increase in surface adhesion. As a single stage process, advantages relative to a reduced process footprint may also be realized.

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