Plasma & Flame Improve Adhesion for Composite Materials

The need to lightweight materials while maintaining structural properties have automotive design engineers rapidly integrating plastics and composites into their latest products. Composite materials provide superior mechanical performance, reduced weight, corrosion resistance, and the flexibility of part design.

With this evolution of materials incorporating in-line surface treatment has become vital to helping promote adhesion, improve quality and increase productivity.

Surface treatment is a requirement for adhesion success, for others it eliminates the need for expensive & specialty coating formulations, and in all cases it provides a safeguard against materials which may exhibit inconsistent surface energy.

This paper offers insights on how to select and implement treatment technologies to improve operations.Topics include:

  • Adhesion basics
  • Defining your application
  • Understanding surface energy & dyne levels
  • The unique capabilities of blown arc, blown ion, variable chemistry & flame plasma.

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