New Enercon Custom Discharge Heads for Blown-ion Plasma Treaters Enable New Applications for Difficult to Reach Surfaces

Enercon is pleased to announce new capabilities for producing custom plasma surface treating discharge heads that greatly expand the use of plasma treating for hard-to-reach, recessed surface areas.

Enercon’s blown-ion surface treaters clean, etch and functionalize surfaces to improve the adhesion of inks, adhesives and coatings. With new nozzle configurations, these plasma systems are able to treat applications that were once impossible.

Enercon’s Business Development Director Wilson Lee says, “By modifying the components of the discharge head we are now able to use Blown-ion™ plasma to treat surfaces at angles that could not have been previously reached because of challenging geometries of either the part, or limitations of the space available to access the area in need of treatment. By modifying the discharge head, we are able to provide efficient and consistent treatment to improve adhesion.”

Blown-ion technology effectively treats all types of plastics and metals and is designed for high-speed applications where surface pretreatment is required to promote adhesion. Custom discharge heads unlock new applications for window & door manufacturing, siding, channels, automotive, and other deeply recessed areas requiring treatment. Manufacturers are invited to consult with Enercon to see if one of the new discharge heads will work for their application or if Enercon Engineers can develop a custom solution.

Release date: 2/1/2021