New Blown-arc and Blown-ion Plasma Treating Technology Unveiled

Enercon has released its new series of industrial blown-arc and blown-ion plasma treaters. These new systems provide users with simplified integration and operation, maximum uptime and powerful treatment to clean, etch and functionalize surfaces to promote the adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives.

Enercon’s new Pro Series offers an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables more treatment control than ever before. Independent head control, advanced diagnostics and monitoring, and on board troubleshooting are all included in this new package.

Enercon engineers have developed a stainless steel cabinet for use in virtually any environment. The cabinet features a convenient USB port that allows users to download system data and upload future software upgrades.

Blown-ion™ Series Pro

Vice President Sales Ryan Schuelke says, “Enercon’s new Plasma Technology Series is a significant leap forward in delivering advanced control and performance features that industrial users can use to maximize their productivity.”

In-line plasma surface treating is a green technology that is widely used to treat plastics, glass and metals to improve their adhesion properties. In many cases this technology eliminates hazardous primers, and in other applications treatment improves product quality and throughput. Industries that use plasma surface treating technology include automotive, medical, aerospace, assembly, photovoltaics, wire, cable, electrical, pipe, tubes, construction, decorating, plastics and more.

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Release date: 3/20/2015

blown ion and blown arc discharge