Myths and Mysteries of Measuring Dynes, Surface Free Energy & Contact Angle

Since plasma and flame surface treatment create no visible changes to a surface, methodologies have been developed to measure the changes to a surface after treatment. These diagnostics are quite valuable, but they are often conducted with flawed testing practices and the results are frequently misunderstood.

In this new webinar, experts from Enercon & KRÜSS delve deep into the myths and mysteries of measuring surface energy.

Topics include:

  • Similarities & differences of dynes, surface free energy & contact angle
  • Best practices for measuring dynes & contact angle
  • What your results really mean
  • Why relative values trump absolute values
  • New automated technologies for testing consistency

Plus, we’ll answer the age-old questionCan you achieve a dyne level greater than 72? (And, if you could, would it matter?)

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.

About the Presenters:
KRÜSS Scientific is a global market leader of surface science instrumentation with a wide product portfolio, including software-controlled measuring technologies for contact angle, static and dynamic measurement of surface and interfacial tension, and foam analysis. Enercon Industries offers the industry’s widest range of in-line surface treating technologies including plasma, corona and flame.


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