Machine Builder’s & Integrator’s Guide to Understanding Plasma & Flame Treating

The need for integration of plasma and flame surface treating technologies for assembly and decorating applications is on the rise. Enercon and our customers are looking for machine builders and integrators that have expertise in material handling and automation projects.

Plasma and flame are used to increase surface energy to promote bonding with adhesives, inks, coatings and paints. Integration with robotic and indexing systems are often required to meet the productivity requirements of these applications in the automotive, medical, assembly, packaging, decorating, plastics, window, door and other industries.

This presentation provides insights on these technologies and how collaboration between Enercon and machine builders/integrators create productive industrial solutions.

Topics Include:

  • Specific applications and industries
  • How plasma and flame treating works
  • Tips for integrating Enercon equipment

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.


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