How Plasma Treating is Your Best Adhesion Insurance Against Disruptive Supply Chains

When supply chain issues force you to use alternate suppliers and/or replacement materials, you may end up opening a Pandora’s Box of hydrophobic production issues.

Water-based and UV inks and adhesives need hydrophilic surfaces for successful bonding. Subtle changes in surfaces and chemistries can quickly disrupt assembly and decorating operations.

In this new webinar, learn how pretreatment provides adhesion insurance as it cleans contaminants, creates bonding sites, & adds polar groups to create optimized hydrophilic surfaces for bonding.

Topics include:

  • Common impediments to adhesion
  • How treatment optimizes surfaces
  • Insuring success with an operating window

Whether you’re new to surface treating or an industry veteran, this webinar will provide you with insights on how employing plasma & flame technology can position your operation for bonding success.


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