How New Plasma Treating Technology is Advancing Adhesion Dependent Manufacturing Processes

The new Blown-ion™ Plasma Treater offers manufacturers powerful and uniform surface treatment for improving adhesion at high processing rates. This plasma treater utilizes a wide MultiPort™ head design that bombards surfaces with an intense, high-speed discharge of ions to clean, etch & functionalize surfaces.

Treatment removes contaminants, increases bonding sites, & improves the wettability of plastics, composites & metal surfaces for improved adhesion.

This presentation provides insights on the new technology’s capabilities and shares new lab results conducted on plastics and composites, including:

  • Increases in surface energy
  • Uniformity of treatment
  • Peel adhesion strength
  • Effect of line speeds on treatment levels

Enercon thanks Abaris Training for their support in evaluating the performance of the new Blown-ion™ Plasma Treater.

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.

Blown-ion™ 500

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