How Enercon Plasma Treater Customers Improve Inkjet Printing Results

Challenged by inconsistent inkjet adhesion? Discover how two of Enercon’s customers overcame printing inconsistencies by utilizing plasma surface treatment.

Industry veterans Jerry Jordan (WAGO) and Dwayne Chrest (Best Formulations) will share their insights on:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Basics
  • How plasma treatment improved their inkjet printing operations
  • Applications include printing product lot codes on HDPE and PET bottles, and printing on PP and Nylon 66
  • See video of their process
  • This special webinar featuring plasma technology application expert, Ryan Schuelke, and Enercon customers is currently available to you free of charge as an instant download.

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Innovative People Ensuring Your Printing Success.

Enercon’s plasma treating experts assist our customers around the world with their printing challenges. Our innovative technology, application expertise and world class customer support have earned Enercon global recognition as a leader in plasma treatment technologies for enabling and improving printing on all types of materials. We’re pleased to partner with two of our most knowledgeable customers on this highly informative webinar. Enercon supports the industry it serves by being active members in associations, conferences and exhibitions, including:


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