How Automotive Manufacturers use Plasma & Flame to Improve Quality & Efficiency

Plasma & Flame surface treating technologies are helping suppliers in the automotive industry reduce cost, improve quality, and maximize production efficiencies. Projects for vehicle lightweighting, decorating, gasket sealing adhesion, and electrical potting are fueling the need for incorporating plasma and flame surface treaters.

This 45-minute webinar provides insights on how treatment improves adhesion for assembling, bonding, painting, coating, printing, decorating and deflashing on a wide variety of surfaces.

This Webinar includes:

  • How plasma & flame improve surface adhesion
  • Lab Data demonstrating improving adhesion of ABS, Glass Filled PP & Nylon
  • Practical Examples for Common and New Automotive Applications
  • Tips for simplifying work cell integration with Enercon PRO systems
  • New custom discharge nozzles for hard-to-reach areas

Access to the webinar includes both the recorded presentation and the presentation slides.

See what Enercon customers are saying

“As automotive manufacturers continue to look at ways to improve performance, surface treating will be an important technology to enable economical structural bonding that might otherwise be impossible.”
Bob McQueen, VP of Sales, TA Systems

BMW 530d Car Head lights

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