Custom Integrated Conveyor Systems for Flame Treating Applications

Enercon flame treating systems can be integrated in a variety of configurations based on each application’s requirements. In many cases, the flame is integrated with a robot so the flame burner can follow a precise path over the parts to be treated. In other cases, the flame burner is in a fixed position and parts are presented to it for surface treating. For applications where parts are conveyed under flame treater burners, Enercon offers customers a completely integrated solution.


These custom systems can be constructed to whatever width and length required by the application. Typically, a stainless steel flat wire mesh belt is used for long term reliability. Stainless steel guarding is also provided around the treatment heads and features an exhaust flange for customer-supplied exhaust systems. Adjustments for the flame burner height and a variable speed control drive provide customers with system flexibility in the field. Conveyor controls can be integrated into Enercon’s Flame Series Pro touchscreen interface to simplify operation.

For more information on Enercon’s flame surface treating systems and custom integration options, please contact us.