Bonding Styrenic Copolymers to Replace PVC

The desire to find a cost-effective, yet environmentally friendly alternative to PVC is the focus of a new technical paper: Bonding Styrenic Copolymers and Thermoplastic Elastomers in the Quest to Replace PVC. The paper details current research on the benefits of using light-curable adhesives and surface treatment technology to optimize bond strength of competitive high performance materials.


  • Kyle Rhodes – Dymax Corporation
  • Nadine Blaesing – Dymax Corporation


High performance polymers are often selected for applications that demand retention of structural and dimensional integrity under exposure to aggressive chemical and elevated temperature conditions. One such cost-effective performance polymer choice is plasticized PVC. However, significant attention has been placed on evaluating more environmentally and biologically-friendly polymers. Styrene-ethylenebutylene-styrene (SEBS) copolymer rubbers, SEBS/polypropylene blends, TPEs (thermoplastic elastomers) and polypropylenes are emerging as high performance alternatives. TPEs in particular are being employed to replace plasticized, low-durometer PVC in medical device applications, where biocompatibility characteristics are crucial. Adhesive bonding to these polymers, however, can be challenging.


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