Will Plasma Surface Treating Work for your application?
Find out with Free Lab Testing or Trials at your facility.

You can test your application with plasma or flame surface treating equipment either in our laboratory or in your facility. In your facility you can simulate the actual line conditions and processes involved with the application. In our laboratory we can provide free testing and diagnostics to evaluate the effectiveness of treating.

Contact our application experts to see which type of trial makes the most sense for your application. Or read on to learn more about our free plasma treatment laboratory testing.

Visiting engineers, technicians, and researchers have developed a variety of new applications utilizing our object treating products for drying, cleaning, fiber removal, as well as applications requiring improved surface energy. Additionally, our wide range of laboratory resources has proven useful in determining the optimal treatment levels and process speeds to maintain product quality.

Our surface treating laboratory features a variety of plasma treating equipment (see below). The combination of our object treating lab with our design engineers and our laboratory technicians provides a valuable, yet free, service to our customers.

We provide the following plasma treatment equipment:

Legacy Systems

Laboratory Accessory Equipment:

Enercon offers you the option of shipping materials to our lab for testing and analysis. In this instance we will provide you trial feedback and/or trial samples returned to you for evaluation. Alternatively, Enercon will schedule an opportunity for you to send your engineers, technicians, and researchers to be present for the testing. Visiting engineers, technicians, and researchers find our wide range of laboratory resources quite useful in determining the optimal treatment levels at efficient process speeds while maintaining product quality.

Our staff is fully prepared to exhibit our object treating laboratory technologies to visiting customers. The opportunity to see our full line of treatment options has invariably inspired customer application questions which are answered by our engineers and technicians. Many times these informal sessions have led to previously unseen application solutions.

Object Treating Laboratory Trial Specifics

There is no charge for the use of our laboratory testing itself. Our laboratory exists for the joint benefit of Enercon and its customers. Samples should be sent to our facility freight prepaid, and if you would like the sample returned to you, we will ship freight collect.
You are welcome to visit our facility and observe the running of your sample. We will arrange to have the sample available at the time you wish to visit. Typically the visit would last three to five hours, usually from 9 AM until 2 PM, with a break for lunch. You will be given a demonstration of the procedures followed with your samples. After a thorough discussion of your application, you may take a tour of the facilities and meet with members of our engineering staff who can answer any technical questions you may have.
Data Sheet:
If you are unable to visit, the results of your samples will be forwarded to you. Any questions you may have are welcomed by our sales engineers.
Time of Process:
Your samples will be tested in a timely manner, generally within one week of proper receipt of run specifications and material.

Enercon's object treating laboratory can process samples in a timely manner, usually within one week of the receipt of run specifications and material. Enercon requests that samples be shipped to us with consideration for the following physical capabilities:

Consignment Object Treater Units

Sample Size:
Most samples will be limited to 6 x 12 inches maximum.
Line Speed:
1 - 250 fpm (contact us for specific run speed applications).
Minimum number of samples:
For accurate data assessment please provide 8 samples minimum.
Run information:
Please provide a detailed run specification including line speed, dyne level target, and preferred object treating system. Additionally, please include a shipping account number if the samples are to be returned.
Recommended Sample Quantity:

As an additional service to our current and future customers, Enercon offers our three object treater systems on consignment for onsite testing at a customer's facility.

Contact Enercon

Please contact Enercon using our web contact form or call us to inquire about availability and scheduling.

Plasma Treatment Equipment Enercon's object plasma surface treating lab features our entire line of systems allowing to determine which technology is right for your application.

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