Free Plasma & Flame Surface Treating Lab Trials and Testing at your Facility

Our application experts use the lab to conduct surface treating trials with innovative and industry leading blown ion, blown arc, variable chemistry & flame plasma surface treating technologies. With the industry’s most comprehensive arsenal of technologies our team will find the plasma or flame system which will best meet your application needs.

Advanced diagnostic testing tools are used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and can include measurements of dyne level, peel adhesion strength, contact angle, and changes in free surface energy including polar and dispersive components.

If you would like to see lab trials in person you are more than welcome to visit Enercon. Many of our customers take advantage of this opportunity to consult with our application engineers, see how each plasma technology operates, and gain an understanding of how each lab diagnostic measures changes in surface energy.

For each product and technology tested you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the results of the trial. You may also request that treated samples are shipped back to you for additional testing. To learn how to optimize your free lab trial please see these tips for making your plasma lab trial a success.

Dyne Test in Lab Trial

In some cases our customers prefer to set up a trial in their facility where actual line conditions and processes can be simulated. In these cases arrangements can be made to have an Enercon application expert be present for the in-field trial and help guide set up and operation of Enercon’s plasma technology.

We invite you to contact our application experts to see which type of trial makes the most sense for your application.

Dyne testing plastic

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