Narrow Web Applications

While all applications are unique, most narrow web applications are best served with a TL Max narrow web surface treater. This systems is ideal for applications up to 22" for the TL Max. If your application requires a wider web width please see our equipment offerings under converting applications. Always consult with an Enercon Application Expert to determine the best system for your application.

Enercon manufacturers a narrow web surface treating system for your tag, label or other narrow web application. The systems utilize Enercon's proven Bare-Roll technology and consist of a ceramic electrode and a bare metal roll.

Bare-Roll systems eliminate the need for a dielectric covering on the treater roll. This saves you money since a spare dielectric roll is not required. Narrow web systems are available in a variety of configurations depending on your application requirements. Whether you are treating conductive or non-conductive materials, our TL Max narrow web treater can be designed to meet your application requirements.

All of our narrow web surface treaters are powered by our ultra-reliable Compak 2000 power supplies.

TL Max
If you are looking for a compact narrow web corona treator -- look no further. Enercon’s latest TL Max series narrow web corona treating system combines the best features of our proven wide web treater with some remarkable narrow web features. Visit the TL Max product page.
Enercon's TL Max narrow web surface treater treats a film, raising the dyne level to your specifications.